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Close This Ad Interview With Sage Sundi and Hiromichi Tanaka

21 Nov 2010

German website recently sat down with Sage Sundi and Hiromichi Tanaka to talk about Final Fantasy XIV.

The interview that followed isn’t necessarily a goldmine of information, however, something important to come out of this interview is clarification that Final Fantasy XIV will not be going Free 2 Play as previously “reported”. (but you all knew that right?) In fact, when asked about it they gave a response similar to the one they gave before, saying that they have no plans to use a micro transaction model because it’s unfair to players. In fact, people are likely to spend more money than they would on a subscription based model if the game was F2P. By keeping a monthly subscription fee, the game is more fair, and more affordable for everyone.

Head on over to for the full interview.