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Ankama is reinforcing your account's security!

18 Nov 2010

Account certification

A few months ago, we announced imminent changes to the account security system, and now it’s here. We are asking all players to re-certify their accounts.

How can I re-certify? By choosing a new secret question and – most importantly – associating a cell phone number with your account. With an associated cell phone number, you can have your password sent directly to your phone without the need to certify your identity with support.

Why are we doing this? After an increase in the theft of kamas and equipment, we wanted to develop solutions to fight more effectively against these types of account abuse.

The first step to a secure account is always prevention, be smart! By following these three golden rules, you can protect your account from the comfort of your own computer chair.

  • Do not lend your account to anyone. Do not share accounts with anyone. Never give away your password.
  • Maintain good virus protection and scan your computer regularly.
  • Do not buy kamas or any other DOFUS goods from non-ANKAMA sites.

If you ever receive a link from someone in the game that seems suspicious, you can consult our list of trusted ANKAMA sites.

Click here to re-certify your account today!