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President Wada Determined to Regain Trust

4 Nov 2010

Yahoo! News Japan has posted an article from Mainichi Shimbun regarding comments made about Final Fantasy XIV at a financial results presentation recently held by Square Enix.  You can see our translated version of the article below.  For those that would like to see the financial report in its entirety, head to Square Enix Holding’s website where you’ll find three PDF files with financial data and information on the direction Square Enix is heading.

From Mainichi Shimbun Digital:

On November 4th, President of Square Enix Holdings, Yoichi Wada, commented on  Final Fantasy XIV, their online game which began service for the PC version in September.  The comments came during a financial results presentation for the 6-month period ending September 30th, 2010.  “We understand that players are dissatisfied with Final Fantasy XIV and are currently hard at work to turn things around.  We’ll devote all our strength into regaining the trust of our customers.”  Wada also noted that the number of players in their other similar online title, Final Fantasy XI launched in 2002, has not dropped so it doesn’t seem as though players are moving over to the new title.

Final Fantasy XIV is an RPG where adventurers explore a land known as Eorzea.  It is seen as the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy XI with computer graphics well surpassing those of the older game.  The PC version alone has currently shipped over 630,000 copies (190,000 in Japan, 210,000 in North America, 230,000 in Europe) which is exceptional for an online PC title.  The PS3 version is expected to go on sale in early March.

President Wada hinted at the gap between the high expectations of their player base and the current state of the game saying, “If we can satisfy their expectations, the players who have left the game will return.  However, if players give up on us completely, there is nothing we can do to get them back.  We will work as hard as we can to regain their trust.”

During the company’s 6-month period financial report presentation, the company reported that sales have fallen when compared to the same period last year by 24.8% for a total of 680 billion yen. Profits fell by 56.4% to 57 billion yen and profits for the current financial period are expected to drop 35.8% below their original forecasted figures to 17 billion yen.  Sales for the entire year are expected to drop 16.8% compared to last year, totaling 1600 billion yen.  Profits are expected to drop 29.2% to 200 billion yen.