Announcing Hails From Hydaelyn!

Hails From Hydaelyn

From the hosts of the hit Limit Break Radio Network Show “Voices of Vana’diel” comes Hails From Hydaelyn!

The hosts from Voices of Vana’diel are lending their talents to the Aetheryte Radio Network to create Final Fantasy XIV’s first call in Podcast!

The show will center on the player as they call in about any aspect, question, complaint or general tomfoolery regarding Final Fantasy XIV. Callers will determine the topics and direct the discussion of the show.
We are planning to record Episode 1 roughly 2 weeks after the November update. With all the changes being made to the game, we should have plenty to talk about! The calls in general will be roughly 5-7 minutes and we’re going to switch from caller to caller at a rapid pace.

Just like Voices of Vana’diel, we are planning to broadcast every episode live via Ustream. The shows will also be made available for download just in case you aren’t able to listen in live.

If you’re interested in joining us for our first episode keep your eyes open! We’ll be releasing everything you need to know in the coming weeks!