Square Enix: “Our Bad”

This morning  holds quite the surprise for Final Fantasy XIV Players on Lodestone. The developers have come to a decision based on community response and the current state of the game. They will extend the free trial period for all accounts created before October 25th. This is essentially Square Enix’s way of saying “Our bad. We messed up.” and that right there alone, is shocking by itself.

Many players have been vocal about the game since launch. You can’t find a FFXIV forum around without some thread talking about how the game isn’t finished, or “who plans to keep going after the trial?”. Just as they’ve said before, Square Enix is listening. They’ve heard what the community has said. And they’ve seen what the larger gaming community as a whole thinks of their game with multiple low review scores.

Will this trial extension keep more players as the next version update rolls around? From another post on Lodestone today, we can see several adjustments coming in late November that seem like they should have been included in the game at launch. Ctrl+R to instantly reply to tells, auto sort, and key mapping are only a few of the many changes planned for the upcoming version update. But will it be enough?

What do you think of all the changes scheduled for November and beyond?