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FFXIV's "Approval Rating"

11 Oct 2010

Some reviews have already come out, and some are being held for a few weeks.  Some game features are in place, and some are not.  Some patches have been implemented, and some maybe are only dreamed of.  While there is still a lot of uncertainly in the early days of FFXIV, what we do know is that it is an MMO, and that it will develop and evolve over time.  This is not to say that certain elements should or should not have been in place at launch.  Nor a recitation of the oft heard defense that an MMO can launch in an incomplete state since it can and will be patched over time.  We want to track your thoughts on whether you currently approve or disapprove of FFXIV.  Akin to the presidential polls that have been taken since the 1940s, we’ll periodically re-run this exact poll, and track FFXIV “approval rating” within the community.  I suspect it might be quite low at the moment, but I think over time we will see some nice upward movement.  If nothing else it will be interesting to see how it changes over time.

[poll id=”13″]