Announcing Monthly Player Achievements!

With the launch of the game, and the debut episodes of the Atheryte Radio Community, Topics and News shows, the podcast team is hard at work preparing Episode 11 of our monthly Aetheryte Radio show!

One thing that is important to us on the podcast team is allowing members of the community the opportunity to get involved and interact with the show, and today we’re excited to announce something new that will allow you the chance to have your name mentioned on the show!

Each month, we’ll be throwing up a stickied thread in General Discussion for players to talk about all of the exciting things they’ve accomplished during their adventures in Eorzea. Whether its doing leve quests, exploring, or crafting HQ rope belts, throw it into the thread and we’ll pick some of our favorites and mention them on the next episode! After the release of the monthly show, a new monthly achievements thread will surface and the process will start anew.

We have several other ideas in the works not just for Aetheryte Radio, but for some of our Aetheryte Radio Network shows as well. If you have ideas for us make sure to let us know in our forums or by throwing us an e-mail at [email protected]!