New Feature: Display Your Character Stats!

With the launch of The Lodestone, player statistics are now out there to be seen, reviewed, analyzed and proudly displayed.  And what better way to display your character stats than on your user page.  So, fresh off his addition of Predictive Searching in the Wiki, Ganiman set to work on a little bit of integration with the Lodestone.  And just a few days post launch we’re pushing the integration out to our community.

This feature is still in it’s infancy, but the steps are fairly straightforward.  Under your wiki profile options is a new “FFXIV Character” tab – you can access it here.  There are detailed instructions there, but basically, you add your Lodestone ID, verify you are who you say you are with a blog post on The Lodestone, and voila, Character Statistics on your user page!

We’re going to continue to develop this feature as we go on, so if there is anything you’d like to see just drop us a line.

So get started and show off your stats!