Tanaka Tweets About Chinese Service

Final Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka took some time out of his busy day to tweet about the announcement from Square Enix today about FFXIV service being offered in mainland China.

This was tucked away at the bottom of our announcement today but due to the laws in China, operations for the Chinese version of FFXIV will be done via servers set in mainland China.  The Chinese service will be completely different from the service provided for Japanese, North American, and Europeans.  Service won’t start for awhile but know that they won’t be connected with everyone else.
As for the global servers for Japan/North America/Europe, we’ve already put an IP block in place for any connections coming from China.  However, RMT still sneaks into the game.  Either they are using proxies from outside China to access the game or they aren’t Chinese to begin with.  Regardless of the reason, we will continue to thwart their efforts.