Gridania Revealed!

Square Enix has just released new images and information on Gridania.  We’ve gone ahead and loaded the images into the wiki.  They can be seen here. We’ve also updated the various shop pages with the new images (if you don’t see the images in the templates hit ctr+F5) and info.  So be sure to check out:

New descriptive text was also added to some landmarks (images will be added to these pages in the future):

‎Finally, Square has revealed some additional information on The Garlean Empire:

“The Garlean Empire controls the majority of the northern and eastern regions of the enormous landmass of the three continents─of which Eorzea is a part. Until some fifty years ago, Garlemald was a small, remote nation which held little more than a fraction of the northlands. But with the revolutionary advancements in technology and dramatic restructuring of the military ushered in by an ambitious commanding legatus who later ascended to the seat of Emperor, Garlemald soon established itself as one of the most formidable forces in all of Hydaelyn.

The gigantic imperial warships which scorch the skies carry onboard fleets of the Empire’s juggernauts─magitek-clad winged machina armed with devastating weaponry that are dispatched throughout the realm to rain terror and destruction from above. These forces, together with an immense standing army equipped with equally imposing arms and armor, grant Garlemald unrivaled military might. As the Empire’s dominion expands into Eorzea, however, even its countless legions have begun to lack for numbers, and a policy of drafting and conscription has been implemented in all conquered lands.”

The Slyphs:

“In the northern reaches of Gridania, in the depths of the Black Shroud, live the reclusive sylphs. To the untrained eye, they may appear as no more than plants in their native habitat, and indeed, as their mouths lack the musculature necessary for mastication, they take sustenance from sunlight via the veins of their skin and leaves. They are also known for their striking eyes, which lack pupils, lending them an aspect of freakish foreboding. In nearly all respects, they possess an appearance and mode of living completely unlike the civilized races or any of the other beast tribes.

The demeanor of the sylphs is comparable to that of an innocent child, but their propensity to frolic, jape and prank has all too often been the cause of untold anguish and even tragedy for their hapless victims. For this reason, there are many who harbor an absolute loathing for the little forest fiends.”

and Imperial Centurion:

The weapons and armor of Garlemald are the true testament to the Empire’s technologies. The centurions of their standing armies are bedecked in imposing armor fashioned from lightweight metal alloys, beneath which are worn near indestructible battle garb woven of strong, synthetic fibers. Their weapon of choice is the gunblade, an ingenious integration of sword and firearm into a single instrument of killing, equally capable of dispatching enemies at close-quarters and at range. The centurions are complete warriors, and in addition to their unmatched prowess and ruthlessness as assault troops, they also boast stalwart defenses, at times exhibiting almost complete imperviousness to fire- and ice-based attacks, as well as firearms.