Pet Food Alpha 221: Short Show Is Short

Pet Food Alpha

Update News, Job Adjustments, New Weapon Skills, and more!  

  • New Weapon Skills
  • New Director for FINAL FANTASY XI
  • Job Adjustments part 2
  • Scars of Abyssea Trailer Goes Live!
  • Your Third Scars of Abyssea Zone Is…

4 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 221: Short Show Is Short

  1. Fuses’ ‘puter stopped ‘puting. Teila lives in EU way more stuff to do out there then just play MMO’s. The other two… I think they’ve checked out, LMAO. They stick around for all the peeps who still play that’s the only thing keeping us together is our community.

    BUT I am still looking forward to this weeks coming episode!

  2. I did afew evenings of campaigning with my mother that week to get our merits ready for the lvl increase, but other than that, i was busy with rl stuff. Craaazzzy Eu stuff :D <3

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