Eorzeapedia Hardware Upgrades

Server UpgradeIt’s been just over two months since our last hardware upgrade for Eorzeapedia.  Traffic has taken huge jumps since then and the server load has increased more than we could have expected.  This is all good news though – it means the community is coming together, the forums are bustling and the wiki is becoming a premier source of information for FINAL FANTASY XIV.  Fear not, we are already working on upgrading the site to even bigger hardware than before.

Eorzeapedia is run by fans just like you.  We are not part of a larger network which has millions of dollars in funding, so it is not possible for us to go right to the best possible hosting solution, but we are getting there!  In the next day or two, we should be moving the site to a new server, and we wanted to give the community a heads up.  During the move, the site should be accessible, but we will lock the wiki from editing and lock the forums from posting – things will still be viewable.  Once the move is complete, we will unlock editing and posting.  One change that will be part of this, is the server’s IP address will change and DNS records will have to be updated.  We have already lowered the TTL on the Eorzeapedia.com zone to try and prepare for this change, so DNS updates will be as quick as possible.  The old server will stay up for a while after we move, so those who may take longer to see the DNS changes will still have a (locked) site to visit.

We are working hard to prepare for launch day in two weeks, and continue to strive to give the FINAL FANTASY XIV community the best possible experience.  We will continue to add new features to the site – such as our new World Status page.

To give folks an idea of what we are upgrading to: 2x Intel Xeon 5660 2.8 GHz Six Core Processors, 24GB RAM and a speedy SAS RAID 5 array.  We will continue to monitor server load and usage, and if in the future the site demands something more, we will continue to upgrade or use other distributed solutions to keep you guys questing, casting and killing in FINAL FANTASY XIV.  Thanks for choosing to use Eorzeapedia!