RPC Votes Besaid As Role Play Server

The Final Fantasy XIV Role-Play Coalition is excited to finally announce the unofficial RP server! After a vote in which over 15 role-play linkshells and numerous freelancers took part in, Besaid has been named the unofficial RP server.

This is a courtesy announcement for those who may be interested in RP as well as for those who want to outright avoid it.

The unofficial RP server will house over 500 role-players but we certainly hope to have wonderful interactions with those of you less interested in RP as well.

As the only special interest server, Besaid will differ in certain ways compared to your standard server. Large-scale events will be held from time to time (and we hope non-RPers find a way to enjoy them as much as we do!). The role-players will also strive to create a living environment full of varying degrees of immersion. While still a minority, we will be a larger minority on the chosen server. Thus, new RP linkshells are strongly encouraged to join this server even if they do not wish to be a member of the Role-Play Coalition itself. We all know that having like-minded individuals enjoying role-play alongside you on a day to day basis helps keep the community, and by extension, your linkshell, strong. The RPC strongly advocates having a positive relationship with the non-RPers that happen share the same server as us. We will be as respectful as possible to the non-RPers and we ask to receive the same treatment in return. We look forward to the many friendships and interactions we will have with the non-RP community of our chosen server and hope you feel the same as well. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Hope to see you in Eorzea very soon!

Warm regards,
Role-Play Coalition

We’ve also received word that the RPC has released a teaser version of their newspaper which you can view here. They hope to have the first issue completed sometime after launch.