Role Playing In Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy XIV Role-Playing Coalition (RPC) is a website that unites the Role-Players of this game. It consists of various RP linkshells, freelance RPers, and some general supporters as well. The RPC will also be voting on an unofficial Role-Play server, if Square Enix doesn’t assign one. Keep an eye on the site as we’ll make sure to announce the outcome of that decision when it’s made!

Since late June, The RPC has played host to their own podcast covering the many aspects of Role-Playing.

The same podcast team will be doing just that on our Aetheryte Radio Network! This podcast will focus on the Role-Playing community and various concepts of Role-Playing. Another part of their mission is to connect with average gamers who may not be familiar with Role-Playing while providing a topical, entertaining show. They plan to release an episode per week, so stay tuned!