6 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 219: Vision of Abyssea

  1. Salvage bodies continue to be unrivaled by any other piece of gear in the game.

    Salvage bodies take a fraction of the work and gil to obtain compared to Relic or Mythic weapons.

    I fail to see how SE has kicked anyone in the nuts by not offering a magian upgrade for this group of gear. They have been very careful to preserve the usefulness and longevity of most endgame loot in this game from Sky onward… You had a Salvage body and continue to have a Salvage body.

    Noe Moar QQ Yez Preeze. lol

        1. Morri body is the only piece out of all the expensive pieces from salvage that has not been trumped yet… Better to use Fiat Lux or Abyssea Curour body now. Ares was bested by Fiat Lux or Ebody already :S Skadi has always been meh, Marduk the same >.> Doesn’t seem right

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