Important Message Regarding Open Beta

We received news today that the codes the community is currently using will be changing when the open beta goes live. Players that are already registered and playing in the beta will be sent an e-mail to their registered Square Enix Account with a new code that can be redeemed in the same fashion as previous codes. However, if you have won a code in the recent beta contest and have not redeemed that code before beta phase 3 comes to an end, your code will become invalid and you will not have access to beta.

The reason for this notice is to alert the beta testers that they must register their beta codes as soon as possible to avoid being left out of the next phase of beta. Beta phase 3 ends today, so if you have not registered a code you won from any recent beta contests, you need to do so as soon as possible! Congratulations to all who have won codes in any of the recent beta contests.

Make sure you register so you don’t miss out on the next beta phase!