9 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 218: Long Live FFXI

  1. So like, I think someone accidentally posted last week episode as this weeks ^^

    1. ya i was listening to this and thinking havent i heard this before? lol dejavu XD

  2. “We are (Rapture) and we’re here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!”

  3. Ok the build up laughing about some picture posted in the live chat during this episode is driving my curiosity wild. What is it!!!? How bout a link or something.

  4. It was probly R rated material to get Chin laughing that hard.

  5. my only problm iwth this epasode was when they got all in to the ffxi is dead mode i am on bored with stake i think a lot of players will stay and i dont think 11 is just going to die

  6. By the way, the “OchotonidKnight” name was from my twitter account, because that is my twittaru username. >.> Sorry, Chin.

  7. Okay so after listening, this episode was very blah!
    One minute, you compare so many MMO’s to FFXI, the next minute you spend a really long time laughing about some pic that only you guys could see. You guys could have edited that part out.

    It rubs me the wrong way how you guys brag about playing FFXIV BETA too.
    you guys are obviously loosing interest in FFXI, and the way you guys express it on the podcast really rubs me the wrong way :(
    Good job on quality of podcast, but your lack of enthusiasm is blatantly obvious :(

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