Final Fantasy XI Players Receiving Bonuses With Final Fantasy XIV

18 Aug 2010

It’s been mentioned that Final Fantasy XI players that make the move over to Final Fantasy XIV may see some type of bonus. Today those bonuses are revealed! Note that these bonuses are exclusive to the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV. PlayStation 3 bonuses will be announced at a later time.

Read on for details!


If a person has both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV accounts linked to their Square Enix Account, the fee for FFXI will be discounted from $12.95 to $7.00 per month.

The discount applies to one FFXI account for each FFXIV account. For example, if you have two FFXI accounts and 3 FFXIV accounts, you will receive two of the discounts. This offer will remain in effect until January 2011.

In-Game Item

Players that have an active Final Fantasy XI account will start their adventures in Eorzea with the special in game item:

All playable characters created on the Final Fantasy XIV account will start the game with the shoes in their inventory. Note that you need to have an active Final Fantasy account linked to your Square Enix Account in order to obtain the Hermes’ Shoes.

Name Transfer

A character name used from the linked Final Fantasy XI account can be transferred to Final Fantasy XIV. Note that like the in-game item, the FFXI account must be active and have a character made.

Names will transfer into FFXIV as such: [Character Name] [FFXI World Name]

ex. Fusionex on Carbuncle for FFXI would turn into “Fusionex Carbuncle” in FFXIV