Community Member Contests: Win A FFXIV Collectors Edition!

If there was ever any doubts about the strength of our community here, this should resolve it for good.  Two separate community members, Midgardzolom and Violentdjango, have each (independently of us and of each other) launched their own contests where the winner of each will win a copy of the FFXIV Collectors Edition! Community forums and blogs, community wiki, community submitted op-eds… and now… community contests!

Midgardzolom’s Contest:
Craft Your Banner!

  • With your favorite art or craft items, make a real life reproduction of your favorite City-State’s Banner Flag.
  • The Item must be Physically Produced by Hand. Computer generated items will not be accepted.
  • Final Submission Date: September 1st


Violentdjango’s Contest:
Art Challenge – “The LS wants YOU!!”

  • Create Final Fantasy XIV themed anyway you can with the theme of “The Linkshell Wants you!”
  • Create memorable artwork any way you can: Photoshop, drawing, photography, cosplay.
  • Final Submission Date: September 3rd


We wish Midgardzolom and Violentdjango well with their contests, as well as all those entering!  Do you have a community contest or idea?  Let us know so we can spread the news!