5 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 215: Promathia Unchained

  1. Fun show as usual. I have to say, even though it happened during the show as well, the last 13 seconds of this episode was fantastic. Kudos to who ever threw that in again at the close of the episode. It was like an epic pep talk, right in the middle of my work day.

  2. You guys were amazing~
    I’m Still not high enough to do abyssia, but now I’m motivated more than ever!
    Awesome episode.
    DefenderX = EPIC!!!!!!!

    <3 AngeloX
    Bahamut server

    *I didn't catch Chinchilla cursing, you guys do an awesome job of editing*

  3. I play with the Mouse^.^

    I have only done one or two missions of COP but this episode make me really want to complete it…

    very funny show.

    Angelnight from Fenrir =(^.^)=

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