9 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 214: Blackjack and Hooks R Us

  1. Hey guys its telling me that this podcast isn’t legit or sumshit lol checkout wus goin on with itunes. Love the podcast :D

    1. There was an error with the feed file, update the podcast now and the episode will show up! Thanks for letting us know :)

  2. As far as everyone is showing the Primeval Brew is a Medicine thats R/EX not a temp item.

    1. Considering you purchase it under the “Temporary Items” Menu from the Cruor Prospector, I think it’s safe to say its a temporary item

        1. gonna have to check when I get home, wiki has it under temp items but the image I remember seeing doesnt have the TEMP bubble like fanatics and the temp items from salvage/beseiged/abyssea so far. It only has the R/EX bubbles. If I’m wrong I’m wrong but no one I’ve talked to has shown it as a temp item.

  3. Just looked around it apparently is listed as a temp item but when you go to buy it it doesnt have the temp bubble. It might gain it when you buy it or maybe its only available in abyssea and useable multiple times with a cool down. People are still arguing it on forums. Need another Q&A to find out why it doesnt have the bubble or for someone to buy it. Dont know how I saw it before the Q&A then because I havent ever looked at or bought the key items :x I use all my cruor for Keys and Gear and the Ivory Key Items.

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