Disecting The E3 2010 Trailer

The trailer released yesterday has quite a bit packed into its three minutes. Now that we’ve had the time to watch it and re-watch it, let’s see what kind of things we’re able to pick out of it!

First and foremost we get what appears to be the first in-game footage of Gridania– one of three city states that players will be able to begin their adventures from. Along with Gridania are a few scenes that look to be based in forested or wooded areas. These are more than likely story lines that tie into Gridania.

One of the more exciting parts of this trailer was that we were finally given a glimpse at Eorzea’s Moogles. However, if you look closely you’ll also spot something else that players have been discussing ever since the very first artwork for the game was released. Yes, I’m talking about the infamous “kid with the horns”.


We can see that this Hyur at the center of the first image is young in appearance and wielding a staff. If we look closer, we can see two horns towards the top of his head. We can also gather by his companions that he is a VIP of sorts. Perhaps this horned boy is one of the Seedseers, the young oracles of Gridania and those around him are his bodyguards, consisting of some members of the Wood Wailers.

In the second image we see what almost appears to be the small elemental pixies seen on the information page for the Conjurer on the official website. But what’s this? This being also has horns! Could this horned pixie also be the Seedseer from the first image?

Also in this trailer are some first glimpses at some familiar faces. First up we have Titan! Not much has changed in Titan’s appearance from Final Fantasy XI. Who knows what kind of role he’ll play in Eorzea. Or if he’ll even be called “Titan”. Perhaps he is one of the deities?

Secondly we have our first look at what appears to be a Treant! I love the detail and facial animations.

Also making an appearance in the trailer is the Goobbue! When we first see it, it appears that it is being paraded into the city (possibly Ul’dah or Ishgard) by Chocobos and Mammets. However, it would seem that the Goobbue breaks lose and starts wreaking havoc around the city.

Next up we have what appears to be a group consisting of various races, and the unnamed beastmen race traveling together. Are they friends? foes? At this point we’re unsure. The area they travel in also looks like it could take place around Ul’dah. Eventually, one of the beastmen summons up the fiery beast that we’ve seen before and have called Ifrit.


Something I missed? Do you have other interpretations? Discuss your findings in the forums!