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Aetheryte Radio 7: Luminous Protective Layer

10 Jun 2010

Aetheryte Radio

Listen in on Episode 7 as Aniero, Corinth, Fusionx and Steak discuss the content that has come out since episode 6 including some information about things going on with Eorzeapedia.

We discuss Life in Eorzea #1 as well as talk about the clan and city-state information released via updates to the official FFXIV website. Corinth fills us in on whats been happening with with Dengeki and Famitsu over in Japan and provides some funny twitter stories.

We also mentioned on the show that we’re looking for another translator in Japan to fill Corinth’s spot when it comes to the magazine write ups. If you are interested in helping us out please let Corinth know via e-mail or forum PM.

Keep an eye out for another episode of Aetheryte Radio after E3!