2 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 207: Dhalmel Mounting

  1. OMG I just about died at that intro! best intro ever!

  2. “Bless you, by the way.” XD

    By the way, the Magian stuff is very much templated. Which means, yes, it would be possible for there to be a SAM Great Katana with Magic Accuracy on it. HOWEVER, the PLD RDM BLU Sword also has similar stats (MP+30 Magic Accuracy+10, probably less than the Great Katana because it’s a one-handed weapon =/ ).

    Let me repeat: a Red Mage Sword with Magic Accuracy+10 and DPS that, while not quite Joyeuse, is not half bad, either. Keep in mind that the freaking Red Mage Mythic Weapon comes with Magic Accuracy+10 on it (and even more on top of that from the Aftermath from Death Blossom, but it *is* a Mythic Weapon, after all). We’re talking every hybrid Red Mage’s wet dream, here. (And as icing on the cake, they happened to use my favorite Sword model for it, too – the Longsword/Knight’s Sword model.)

    With Death Blossom or the appropriate Enspell II applied to the mob, we’re looking at the same net MAcc boost as an NQ Elemental Staff; with both on the mob, the same net boost as an HQ (+20 and +30, respectively). And, as a side benefit of this boost, 10/20 points of it is in the form of Magic Evasion down on the mob, meaning any other spellcasters that would happen to be in the party can take advantage of the Red Mage’s front-line contributions, as well.

    I want to see S-E, for the future of this job, take it in a direction that further plays on the symbiosis between the magical and the physical – assaulting the mob physically to weaken it to magic, and then using our magic to cripple it physically. I don’t want no stinking Refresh II.

    . . . *ahem* Oh, right, the Magian weapons. (I have a terrible habit of doing that.) Well, needless to say I’m excited over what else can be added in the future. Even if some weird thing in the template seems out of place/doesn’t make sense, just note that people like me are rejoicing in the fact that they did indeed cast such a wide net with this system. Like Steak said, there’s something in there for everybody and every playstyle. :)

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