Pet Food Alpha 205: CoP Is Nintendo Hard

Pet Food Alpha

  • Expansion discussion. Chatroom. Marble Madness Rage and more!
  • Happy 8th Vana’Versary!
  • Moggiebag
  • 8th Anniversary Fan Art Contest
  • Favorite Moments Suggestions
  • Version Update Notice
  • New Armor
  • W/F: Music from Vana’diel Vinyl
  • Elegently Edwyth Episode 12

3 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 205: CoP Is Nintendo Hard

  1. hey-hey, I got to (inadvertently) title the episode. Sweet rocks. :D

    Keep up the good work, guys.

    PS to Chin: Fire *galka noise*

  2. RE: The ship in Norg. I think Fusion has the right idea but he’s a little off. The Norg ship would go to the Far East (Norg and the Tenshodo are very connected). While the area blocked in Kazham would go to the far South. And then Selbina could take you to the Far West like how AU worked.

    Which is fun to imagine, but of course our money goes into making stuff for FFXIV so it probably won’t happen. But at least we can enjoy La Theine Plateau – 2!

  3. Yet again I missed the live recording and as always it sounded fun. One day I will make it one day I tell you I have the greatest sympathy for Teila having to sound happy and awake during the early hours of the morning. Not something I could do without life threatening amounts of caffeine :)

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