7 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 203: Death Star Tractor Beam

  1. @petfoodalpha Listening to new PFA episode… WTF at chocobo censor :P

  2. What’s funny about Arnie Roth is that Aerroenu and I went to see the Distant Worlds concert in Grand Rapids, MI (because we had bought the tickets before they announced the Detroit, MI show…) and we had gone out to dinner before the show. While we were eating, 2 members of the orchestra were seated at the table next to us. They then proceeded to BLAST Arnie the entire time. Was an amusing 45 minutes. I don’t think Aerro and I much talked, just listened to them the whole time lol

  3. I love the uncensored version! Thank you Chin for your wonderful cursing and fighting Steak on it! You make this show tolerable and entertaining.

  4. New Censor Tones! Woot that was funny. Should do more of that. The Galka Noise is getting old lol.

  5. I seem to remember you guys mentioning someone designing a Sarutabaruta level in Starcraft 2 during this episode of PFA. Is there a link to this? I’d like to check that out.

    1. Forgot to include that sorry! It’s in the notes now under Community News

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