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An Analysis of Racial and Clan Distribution

29 Apr 2010

Clan (Race) Votes Percentage
Dunesfolk (Lalafell) 542 18%
Midlanders (Hyur) 401 14%
Keepers of the Moon (Miqo’te) 369 13%
Seekers of the Sun (Miqo’te) 313 11%
Highlanders (Hyur) 284 10%
Wildwood (Elezen) 272 9%
Duskwight (Elezen) 250 8%
Sea Wolves (Roegadyn) 192 7%
Plainsfolk (Lalafell) 178 6%
Hellsguard (Roegadyn) 148 4%

We’ve been running a poll over the past 30 days asking the community what clans they were thinking about playing on release – and with almost 3,000 votes we’ve got far and away they best sample size for such an inquiry.  And, while these results may change over time as more information is released about each race and clan, we can still take a look behind the numbers.  But other than the bare results, what else can we see?  Let’s take a look…

So first let’s take a look at the results (on right).  These results are relatively straightforward. The Dunesfolk Lalafell take the top position with a fairly convincing 18% of the vote.

This makes some sense when we look at where we’ve come from.  The Lalafell are FFXIV’s adaptation of FFXI’s Tarutaru, and the Tarutaru were the most played race in FFXI (tied with the Hume), so we would expect to see the Lalafell near the top.  In fact, when we combine the clans and compare to the racial distribution in FFXI, we see a lot of similarities.



When we look more closely at the clan breakdowns (below), we see a fairly dramatic split between the two Lalafell clans as far as popularity – with a 51% difference between the two clans.  This also makes some sense if we think about it in terms of FFXI.  The Tarutaru had a racial advantage in magic, and while that advantage has been removed in FFXIV (we think), the Dunesfolk have a more magical appearance – so we would expect to see those that liked playing as the magically inclined Tarutaru gravitate more towards the Dunesfolk clan than the Plainsfolk clan.

The Huyr and Roegadyn show a slight differentiation between the clans – of only about 15%, while the Miqo’te and Elezen, on the other hand, were very evenly split between the two clans.

Hyur Miqo’te




So what do we get when we put all of the above together?  A pretty nice split among the various races and clans.

Thanks to Blueyes and the rest of the posters in the Racial Distribution thread for the idea for this post. Thanks also to Fusionx for assistance with this article.
* Some numbers used in the charts are slightly different than the raw results due to additional responses since the charts were first made.