5 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 200: The Big 200

  1. Just had an epiphany…maybe. I was listening to Teila talk about her weapon trials and the weather effect. Does it work with a scholar’s storm spells?

  2. Guys, plzzzzz stop talking over one another. Also: Happy 200 Petfoodalpha

  3. I’m totally behind, I’m just listening to episode 200 today, and I had a serious LOLchin moment at about 1:16:00 into the show, during Chinchilla’s story about fishsticks.

    Whoever edited this show forgot to put a galka-noise in for Chin’s f-bomb. xD

    Not offended, just highly amused. Maybe you guys fixed it in a later edition of the podcast, if so then AWESOME because that means I’ve got a limited edition, if not, ah well! Just had to share.

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