4Gamer.net reviews alpha test

Following the Famitsu and Dengeki articles regarding the alpha test/build, 4Gamer.net has come out with their own article which is a summary of sorts.  Not a whole lot new if you’ve been keeping up with the various leaks, but still a worthwhile look at what’s been revealed since the start of the alpha test.  We’re forgo the direct translation and just provide more of a summary of the article.

Character Creation

As we all know there are 5 playable races in Eorzea – but only 4 were available, with Miqo’te being the odd race out.  Once you select a race and gender (which also includes clan affiliation), you assign a first and last name and you are off to the races with character creation variables.  The variation is staggering.  Not only are the standards present: height, skin color, hair color and face type, but there are new variables as well such as voice, hair highlights and eye color.  You then get to select guardian deity and starting city – except only Limsa Lominsa is available at this point.  With those selections you are off to set sail.

Nothing like a peaceful sea voyage.

Following the cutscene you are deposited into the interior of the boat – into a area of sorts.  It looks like a pre-rendered scene, but your character makes an appearance, and then you are free to lay hands on the controls for the first time.  Notably, it seems that this is the Limsa-Lominsa starting story, and that selection of other cities will lead to a different beginning.  So you’re on the boat (an instanced area) with boat-load of other NPC travelers whom you can talk to.

Still seems peaceful…

After a stint exploring the tavern, another cut scene.  This one more ominous with an “unnatural” storm.  Outside a battle is brewing – and a strange sea monster is spotted.

So much for the peaceful voyage to Limsa-Lominsa

The cutscene continues, still with your character present…

Wasn’t it daytime just a minute ago?

Good thing you are there, because after a moment on deck you are deposited into battle.  Taking your weapon out starts the action gauge – and when its filled you can activate a command from the action menu.  As a gladiator, for example, you can immediately select “slash” and “stab.”  You must choose a command for each attack.  Your action menu can be populated not just with attacks, but with magic, abilities or even potions.  So you can fight by just slashing or stabbing, but if you leave the action gauge alone for longer, you can start charging the effect gauge.  There are three levels to the effect gauge, and the higher the level, the more powerful your action will be.

Slashing and stabbing your way to safety.

With the battle behind you and the rest of the passengers, you arrive safely in Limsa-Lominsa for some well deserved rest in yet another tavern.  You and the other passengers (and now players) can now explore the tavern…

Looks a lot like the tavern on the boat.  Hopefully safer.

and the rest of Eorzea…