New Feature: Submit your own Op-Ed!

A community website is only as good as it’s community – and we know from experience that our community has a lot to say about FFXIV.  We also know that there are many ways for the community to interact and discuss FFXIV – and we’ve responded by opening up a wiki, forums, IRC chat, twitter, facebook fan page , youtube channel, SE Members group,  and most recently, personal blogs to allow for various avenues of expression.  Now we’ve launching a new feature…  Op-Eds.

If you’ve  always wanted to write about Final Fantasy XIV for the front page of Eorzeapedia, you now have the chance.  The Op-Ed Submission form is now open – and allows anyone (currently restricted to registered users – but registration is free) to submit their own article.  The News Team will then review the submission, make any edits they deem necessary, and if approved, publish the article.  Once published your article goes onto the front page, gets tweeted, starts a forum thread – the works!

We’re a community driven site, and now we bring that focus to our main news page.  Just click the button on the right (or below) to get started!

Few quick notes:  we’re going to call this a beta test initially.  The system we’ve put into place is pretty robust, and while we’ve tested it, if something breaks once we get it going we might have to pull it off-line and tinker a bit more.  Also, the quality of the submissions should be high.  In light of the fact that these articles will get the full front page treatment, they will need to live up to that standard.  Please consider that when submitting any articles so that you are not disappointed if your submission is not published.