Nvision Issue 4

There has been talk about this magazine roaming around various forums for quite awhile. I finally got the time needed to throw up some of the mentionables found in the Spring issue of Nvision magazine. It’s great to see some more coverage from North American publications!

In this particular issue, Nvision gets a chance to talk with Akihiko Yoshida, the art director for Final Fantasy XIV. He discusses the blend of fantasy and sci-fi elements that will be appearing in the game and that they have been paying a lot of attention to things such as lighting and how it’s affected by things like weather, or the passage of time.

There is also reference to Final Fantasy XIII. After all, they do share the same core engine and were built with the same tools. Yoshida-san states that at release, Final Fantasy XIV will be “about the same scale, if not slightly smaller, than FFXIII”. Because of this, he brings up that there won’t be any transplants from Final Fantasy XIII making their way into Final Fantasy XIV. As usual though, players can expect to see some of the classic monsters from the Final Fantasy series make their way into Eorzea. Some of which, will receive a makeover based on their FFXI counterparts. Players will also be able to re-create their characters from FFXI if they wish, or they can use some of the new designs that will be made available.

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Nvidia, Square Enix engineers, and the art department for the game are working hard to optimize the detailed areas and characters for Nvidia cards. The biggest information to come from this article is with the statement that “Square Enix is also investigating options to incorporate 3D Vision support”. I wonder if this means they would also consider 3D for the PlayStation 3?

Many of the details about the exciting features in FFXIV are remaining under wraps for the time being. There is a chance that some other great features could find their way into the game before it’s released. Yoshida says they’re using a system that lets them include new designs while at the same time lets them take precautions to ensure there isn’t what he calls a “design inflation”. He also mentions that “Allowances are also being made for future expansion of the game.”

We also get a small look into the design process being used to create Final Fantasy XIV.

  1. Design request
  2. Rough sketch
  3. Core design
  4. Sculpting (if needed)
  5. Polygon modeling
  6. Texture Mapping
  7. Motion

There are different people in charge of certain steps, and a director oversees the work every step of the way. By following the guide lines listed above, the team can avoid having to backtrack as much when working with their designs.

Special thanks to Sepceli for helping make this write-up possible!