Life in Eorzea #1 Translated

Curious what they are saying in the video?  The pictures are pretty self-explanatory but there is a bit of humor in the comments the SE staffers make.  If you want to find out, click to continue.  Video spoilers are included of course so if you haven’t seen the video yet, watch that first and then come back here.

From 0:32

Hello!  This is Riekom from Square Enix.
I’m Julia.
I’m Aratam.

Alpha testing is finally about to begin for FFXIV.

Oh~ I see.

Today we’d like to give everybody a quick broad overview of one of the areas in Eorzea, Limsa Lominsa.

Just the key places huh? Alright, this should be fun!

From 1:03
So what do you think of this beautiful world?

It’s really amazing.  The sea is so sparkly.  The quality of the graphics is really something.

From 1:14

Oh, these are shops right?  There is so much stuff around they are fun just to look at.

Ah~ I feel like I’d soon spend all my money here!

You can look at fish…

Oh! A Chocobo!

From 1:28
There are many people doing different kinds of jobs in the city.

Look, she’s crying.  I bet she was dumped by her boyfriend.

That’s not even close! She’s crying cause she cutting the onions!

The movements look so real.

He sprinkled in some salt.

I’m into cooking so I can’t get enough of this!

Oh! A hamburger!

We’re also going to introduce a few of the character emotes.

It’s a Lalafell!

So cute!

She’s dancing!

But the person behind that character is Julia who happens to be a man in his 30s.


From 2:11
This is just the first video so we can only show you a little bit.  Sorry!  We’ll continue to introduce more of Eorzea to you through videos so please look forward to them!

Look forward to next time!

Thanks to Tommy6 from the Japanese version of Eorzeapedia for his assistance!