Pet Food Alpha 198: Trial Of The Tedious

Pet Food Alpha

  • Voidwalkers. Magians. Community bonding and more!
  • The Version Update Is Here!
  • VanaFest 2010 Footage Now Available!
  • Final Fantasy XI Newsletter #38
  • Chocobo Beret: Hands on
  • More Contest information leaked
  • Episode 200 Live! Stay tuned for more details!

3 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 198: Trial Of The Tedious

  1. Thanks for reading my email. And, maybe I was a bit wrong about Trial of the Magians; I didn’t know party / alliance kills counted. Still, I’m gonna wait to see if they update to where we can trade our stuff to it. If not, the double attack scythe looks pretty good.

  2. hi,

    nice Episode again^^.
    looking forward listening to your shows.
    about the Speaking of the Wyverns-name: “Himmelskralle” it is German and it is almost impossible to get it sounding right, because of the K and C in English are so different spoken. maybe one that would come close to this would be “Himmelscralle”.

    and: Chin Rocks.!

  3. 46:25 – 46:30 WOW! Talk about RAW on Teila. Wow. Just wow. No There lol.

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