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Japanese official site update: new clan information

30 Mar 2010

The official Japanese FFXIV site was updated recently and most notably we have some new information about the various clans of Eorzea.  As we have previously been told, each race will have two distinct clans which can be selected at the character creation stage.  Up until now we only had a limited amount of information as to certain of these clans, and very limited information about the visual differences between clans of the same race.  But no more – Square Enix has now provided information on all clans – complete with images.  Let’s take a look.

Race: Elezen
Clans: Forester & Shader

Forester Shader

We see a number of differences right off the bat.  The skin tones is of course the most notable, with the Forester clan showing signs of typical pigmentation while the Shader clan displaying shades of gray.  The clothing in the bottom images suggests that the Forester clan is more “modern” than the Shader clan, but the top images show similar clothing (albeit in different colors) so the actual lifestyles of the two clans is still unknown.

Race: Hyur
Clans: Midlander & Highlander

Midlander Highlander

So of course the most obvious thing here is what’s not here – a female highlander.  So we can see that the clans make gender distinctions as well as merely skin tone/physical distinctions.  The highlanders appear to be significantly more physical in their appearance.  We also see again a very distinct difference in the clothing of the two clans – with the midlanders being, again, more “modern” in appearance and the highlanders displaying a more rugged, outdoor look.

Race: Lalafell
Clans: Plainsfolk & Dunesfolk

Plainsfolk Dunesfolk

Again we see some skin tone differences bewteen the two clans – although it is hard to tell whether that is just differences with the models chosen.  The real difference seems to lie in the clothing, with the plainsfolk appearing western in appearance and the dunesfolk appearing more middle eastern.  The dunesfolk in the top image show a gem on their forehead, which could indicate a more mystical (and/or magical) background – but that is pure speculation.

Race: Roegadyn
Clans: Seewolf & Lohengarde

Seewolf Lohengarde

Well this one is again pretty clear on it’s face (pun intended) – red skin coloring vs. gray skin coloring.  Physically both Roegadyn clans appear similar in size, and while the armor is somewhat different there is nothing to suggest (from these images anyway) that the background for each clan is materially different.

Race: Miqo’te
Clans: Seekers of the Sun & Keepers of the Moon

Seekers of the Sun Keepers of the Moon

Similar to the Elezen clans, we see very distinct skin tone differences – with a pigmented clan vs. a less-pigmented/gray clan.  As was noted on our forums, you can also see that each Miqo’te appear to have a different left-eye color than right-eye color.  Note that the Lalafell Dunesfolk also showed this “ability.” 

That’s all for today’s update.  Let us know what you think of these new images and clans!