Beckett Massive Online Gamer Issue 24

When the community thinks of sources for the latest information on Square Enix titles, they typically turn to Japanese forums or Japanese magazines.  We may be seeing some forces at work trying to balance things out – or not.  The latest issue of Beckett Massive Online Gamer arrived at my door step today, and I admit I got excited when I saw 1st Look FINAL FANTASY XIV on the cover next to a smirking Mr Spock.  Opening to the table of contents revealed that not only was there an article on Final Fantasy XIV, but there was also a Final Fantasy XI Community Team interview.  Both articles were written by Juan Castro – maybe he is a new outlet for our Final Fantasy online fix.  The FFXIV article was a 2 page spread sporting some screen shots that have been around a while, at least to people already involved with the community.  There was no mention of an already bustling community across multiple popular sites however.  The article is titled “The Story So Far, Part 1 – Our First Look at Final Fantasy XIV”.  While the article is admittedly not chock full of information or very revealing, it is well written and gives the fans a new hope – a hope for a more diverse coverage of the most anticipated title we all await.  Juan mentions a bit of the game’s setting and races.  Are we seeing a change in the flow of information?  This sort of magazine is not as popular as it’s Japanese counterparts, but who knows, maybe Square Enix will continue to work with Beckett or other printing publishers to help feed their starving English speaking audience.

The write up on the Community Team is more in depth and longer.  It’s worth a read to learn more about the hard working community team at Square Enix.  If you’re looking for a Final Fantasy fix, pick up a copy of Beckett.  A subscription would save you some cash if you’re hopeful more will come from Square Enix and Massive Online Gamer.  Their last issue also featured a Final Fantasy XI article covering the 3 add on scenarios.  I am hopeful we will see more coming from this.  After all, the article is titled “Part 1”.