Lost (and Gained) in Translation – Abilities and Weapon Skills

One Siphon is for MP, One for TP

It’s time for a Lost in Translation check!  We have new official information in English but it doesn’t match up with everything that is out in Japanese.  Let’s do a quick comparison of abilities and weapon skills and see what’s changed.

Archer Ability Replenish:
[J] Use up all of your arrows to be able to fire off multiple arrows at once. 
[E] Consume MP to replenish your projectiles to capacity.

Marauder Ability Murderous Intent:
[J] Increases critical hit rate.
[E] Increases critical hit rate, reducing TP generation.

Marauder Ability Defender:
[J] Increases defense.
[E] Increases defense.  Increases enmity generation while in steadfast stance.

Marauder Ability Disorient:
[J] Reduce the target’s evasion.
[E] Reduce the target’s evasion.  Effect may stack up to three times.

Marauder Ability Enduring March:
[J] Able to move at slow speed while bound.
[E] Enables movement at reduced speed while bound.  While active, also maintains steadfast stance while moving.

Pugilist Ability Blindside:
[J] Attack the enemy for a large amount of damage when you attack from behind.
[E] Strike from an enemy’s rear, increasing attack power by half of your dexterity.

Pugilist Ability Steal:
[J] Steal from the enemy.
[E] Steal a random item.  Chance of success increases with stealth.

Pugilist Weapon Skill Victimize:
[J] Critical hit rate increases with successive attacks.
[E] Increases your critical hit rate for each enfeebling effect on the target.

Conjurer Ability Profundity:
[J] Increase magic potency but increase casting time. 
[E] Lengthens cast and recast times and increases the magic potency of your next cast.

Conjurer Ability Spiritbind:
[J] Bind yourself and reduce MP costs.
[E] Bind yourself and reduce MP consumption by half.

Thaumaturge Spell Sacrifice:
[J] Sacrifice your own HP to give HP to an ally.
[E] Consumes HP to restore a portion of the target’s HP.

Thaumaturge Spell Siphon TP:
[J] This spell is not mentioned yet.
[E] Transfers TP from the target to you

Thaumaturge Spell Siphon Magi (official English name unknown):
[J] Transfer MP from an enemy you have defeated to yourself.
[E] This spell is not mentioned on the official site.
(The developer interview in Dengeki PlayStation includes a comment about draining MP and what happens with enemies that have no MP so we know this isn’t just a misprint from MP to TP.)

Blacksmith Craftable Item Halberd:
[J] Not mentioned.
[E] Requires Halberd Head, Spear Shaft, Halberd Butt, Spear Clasp, Grip Wrapping

These are some of the things I’ve found.  Is there anything else that’s different?