10 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 195: Vanafest Fever

  1. Why Dual Wield for BLU? Because, on its own, BLU gives you absolutely nothing you can do with your left hand; no two-handers, no shields, not even hand-to-hand. Without /NIN, a BLU’s left hand has no purpose other than giving your enemies rude hand gestures.

    Why not DNC? DNC has native hand-to-hand. It may not be as good as a MNK (or even a WAR), but it’s a lot more than the single skill-0 punch that BLU has.

  2. Downloading episode now. I’m excited to hear what you all think in depth about Vanafest. I did notice that in the description of the episode it says its episode 193 when right above it, it says 195. XD

  3. I’m heartbroken. There were, in fact, 26 responses to the Player Achievements this week…

  4. I have to agree with Fusion, Aion is a PVP game. The PVPVE only comes in when you are in the middle of fighting some mob and a gang of pigeons descendsupon you, and then you are dead. It’s not bad when there are non PVP areas to quest and grind in. However, I ended up quitting Aion in the mid thirties, because there was just no where to go without the constant threat of getting bum rushed.

    Anyways, back to FFXI, I’m glad to hear you all so pumped for FFXI again. I know there were many weeks recently where there seemed to be nothing to podcast about. Thanks for hanging in there and keep up the good work.

    1. Ha! Chin’s comment about ganking Goodbye Kitties was killing me.

      Anyways, that’s part of my beef with Aion. I’m only level 43~ but it’s just all the same. I don’t really have that douchebag competitive spirit where I can manage to care about beating other people so PvP is just lost on me. The game is spectacularly pretty, but it’s so superficial. There’s no real story to speak of. You just beat things up til level 10 when you fly into outer space to kill snake-ladies. PvP is currently incredibly broken anyways. Assasins just gank then use stealth to run away, while Templars have to shell out several million to get any chance.

      But that’s part of why it can be compatible with a more “hardcore” game like FFXI. It’s so ridiculously simple you can just play it when you feel like you want to relax. I think 14 may turn out like this to an extent. I could go on but I’ll stop there… maybe I’ll rant about this somewhere proper.

  5. could sum one kindly post a link to the alla post Elmer made i can’t find it and i want to read it

    also i must be a minority because while i find end-game fun i don’t play for end-game i play for the game and the leveling as well as the people i meet .

    1. We are in the same boat there Katie. I did a little Sky, and a little Dynamis, with a touch of Nyzul Isle Investigation in my 5 years of playing FFXI. But, FFXI endgame never was my thing. I don’t think FFXI is as endgame driven as was stated in this episode. I enjoyed leveling jobs, in parties! imagine that!! And chatting with my LS, doing silly little events, and just enjoying the journey to 75.

      I never had a plan for what would happen once I reached cap. I was not a fan of having my game time planned out by some schedule. Maybe I do not want to play at all tonight, and if I do, maybe I want to fish for a few hours, or level some random job. I realize most endgame shells, have “free days” and if you can’t come to an event it’s not the end of the world. But the way I played, everyday was free day. I just never fit into the mentality I guess.

  6. that is why i like my endgame shell i have we have events and your not required at all to come to anything. for sky abj are free lot mony items get sold for a pay out each mumth sea is mostely free lot in les its your pop or the ls leaders think sumone realy erned it its a cazel shell and we all love it we dont even do HNM’s most of us are just not wiling to wate for 7hrs on the off chance we clame it

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