VanaFest 2010 Live Coverage Podcast

Pet Food Alpha

  • Audio from the live broadcast presented by Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha!

We’d like to take the time to once again thank the over 550 people who listened to the live stream, participated in VanaChat, and called in via Skype. We had a great time doing it and hope that we’ll be able to do more live shows in the future!


7 thoughts on “VanaFest 2010 Live Coverage Podcast

  1. FIRST!

    Just kidding.

    I felt your pain from across town when you edited this…

  2. Thanks Fusion, Petfoodalpha and LBR for all the continued effort and hard work put in :D

    – Ryuushin

  3. I only got to catch a bit of the live event because of work, so I’ve been waiting for this all week. Thanks!

  4. I loved the podcast guys… great job PFA and LBR!!! Woot level 99, I guess I can catch up and get some missions done solo now. Anyway for all those people who want to see what video that they was watching during the show, just go to Youtube and watch the thing, (NOTE: Vanafest 2010 video is broken into 22 parts if you want to watch the entire thing!) Here is the main link to see all 22 Youtube videos, enjoy…

    1. Oh and an added note: The videos are in Japanese but there are pop up commentary boxes in English explaining what is going on so you can still follow what is going on, enjoy…

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