Countdown to information?

VanaFest 2010:
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Well the good news is that VanaFest 2010 is around the corner.  The bad news is that this is VanaFest and not EorzeaFest.  As we’ve noted, it has been so long since we’ve had significant news from Square Enix – and now we’re getting a bit desperate (maybe we’ve been a bit desperate for a while now).  So what can we expect?  Well we know that this is a Final Fantasy XI event, so the majority of the event will focus on that title.  As most readers probably know by now, the  “development and operations teams will be discussing the content of the next version update, job enhancements, overall plans for the upcoming year.”  There is also a concert and a raffle/giveaway.  All good stuff.  Then there is the “Secret Bonus Stage” which is described as “A mysterious FINAL FANTASY XIV event!”

We won’t speculate much on what that is.  You could read a lot into the fact that it is a “stage” or “event.”  Certainly SE could have used more toned down language had they wanted to.  Trailer? Beta? Class Info? Release Info?  Could be a lot of things.  But what we know is that is will be something, and sometimes something, anything, is a whole lot better than nothing – and this is one of those times.  While we might be disappointed if the information is less than spectacular (say a trailer with no new information) – I for one am excited for even the smallest shred of news about FFXIV.

So that is why we’re staying up tonight and tuning in wherever we can.  So where will we be when the countdown hits zero?  Watching on Square Enix’s official VanaFest 2010 live feed (in Japanese). chatting in our IRC room, listening to our podcast gurus and discussing on the forums.

Where will you be?