Pet Food Alpha 192: Absolute Virtue Bee

Pet Food Alpha

  • VanaFest. Love torque. Bees and more!
  • Beneath the Cherry Tree
  • Fusion’s thoughts on VanaFest
  • Tarutaru Trading Arts mini now on sale!
  • VanaFest Live Covarage info coming soon!
  • The VanaFest 2010 Website
  • Final Fantasy Newsletter Issue 37

5 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 192: Absolute Virtue Bee

  1. would love to see them finish of the blue magic trinity, we have bst blu. they need to add in a morpher

  2. First and foremost thank you PFA for a nice long episode, I always love the speculation discussions, and thank you for the releasing the episode early during these snow days ^^.

    As far as new jobs, realistically you can never say never. I originally thought since BRD JSE looked like some Egyptian belly dancer attire they wouldn’t add DNC but they did. The last few jobs they’ve added have been support, what we would all like is a tanking job which would most likely be VikingGladiator or one of the Knights. As for a second job just to even out the list… since Chin wanted a Moogle job… Animist!

    1. Well, to be honest, how would one DO a new tank job? We have a tank that avoids being hit (NIN) and one that makes damage taken be less (PLD). If you mean to imply that it’d be a tank that perhaps is a bit less tanky than it’s peers who specialize it and instead has other tricks up it’s sleeve such as healing itself or dealing more damage than them… I’d like to remind you that DNC has some tanky aspects to it and can self-heal very well, and that MNK, SAM, WAR, hell, most DD, can tank to an extent yet also do damage.

      So, in making a new tank job it’d either have to be a carbon copy of an existing job, it’d have to do the job BETTER than the current options (Making the current tanks obsolete), a bit less effective than the current tank options (So… in the same boat as all those other “Not a tank job” jobs), or it’d have to find some way to find a whole new way to tank.

      Also, I agree on wanting moogle job, or animist.

      1. Well a Viking/Gladiator would come from Nordic Mythology and thus relying on the Nordic Gods. While thinking this, I said to myself that doesn’t coincide with FFXI lore, but we do have Einherjar after all.

  3. If they increased the level cap to 80, every single mage (besides RDM of course) would sub RDM for Convert…that would be pretty broken.

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