Pet Food Alpha 190: Oh Ten

Pet Food Alpha

  • Mog Bonanza, Valentione’s Day, Customer Surveys and more!
  • Tarutaru Figurines in Japan
  • Wand of Wish Bestowing
  • LBR and HSSS Site issues
  • Moggy New Year Bonanza
  • Customer Support Survey
  • Voicemail Apps for synergy and evolith show

11 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 190: Oh Ten

  1. Just gt my computer back and trying to update all my podcast but I am getting told that on PFA Stream that there was a error on Zune. Last Episode available on Zune is Episode 186 the 2010 episode. :(

  2. Looks like there is a problem with the iTunes feed as well, tells me it’s not a valid Podcast URL :-(

  3. Hmm… was that around when the site crashed and had to be redone?

  4. We’re going to have to trade the random taru figurines like the tarut cards in game XD

  5. Yup! Itunes isn’t working for me either. It says there is something wrong with the url feed.

  6. Download the episode,
    Open iTunes,
    click File, Add File to Library
    Under you Ipod click Music, if you dont see it click the little triangle to drop the menu,
    in Music you’ll see the list, bottom right click “Autofill”, should be on your iPod now

  7. We know trigun but it is best to let the crew know so they can fix it. Plus if I did that it can get confusing to me sometimes when the episode’s save in a different location then where it normally is on my zune

  8. Looks like the feed is working again, so this won’t be an issue now. Hopefully just in time for [i]this[/i] week’s episode. I needs my biscuit!

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