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Final Fantasy XIV Available to Preorder at Amazon!

30 Jan 2010

Amazon FFXIV Box PlaceholderWell maybe not earth shattering, but has started accepting orders for Final Fantasy XIV!  Listed price is $59.99, but of course they guarantee the price should it change on release.  They have both PC and PS3 versions listed.  If you’re someone who likes to buy early – it doesn’t get any earlier than this.  Also, for those that have asked how they can help out the site a bit, we’ve tacked up a link straight to the game at in the right column – so feel free to use that when ready to buy.

UPDATE: As others have pointed out, Amazon is offering a $10 “Video Games Credit” for a future purchase with every purchase of Final Fantasy XIII – so for those planning on buying both games, this is a pretty nice offer.  We’ve added the FFXIII amazon link down next to the FFXIV one.