Final Fantasy XIV Available to Preorder at Amazon!

Amazon FFXIV Box PlaceholderWell maybe not earth shattering, but has started accepting orders for Final Fantasy XIV!  Listed price is $59.99, but of course they guarantee the price should it change on release.  They have both PC and PS3 versions listed.  If you’re someone who likes to buy early – it doesn’t get any earlier than this.  Also, for those that have asked how they can help out the site a bit, we’ve tacked up a link straight to the game at in the right column – so feel free to use that when ready to buy.

UPDATE: As others have pointed out, Amazon is offering a $10 “Video Games Credit” for a future purchase with every purchase of Final Fantasy XIII – so for those planning on buying both games, this is a pretty nice offer.  We’ve added the FFXIII amazon link down next to the FFXIV one.