You Got FFXIV In My VanaFest!

16 Jan 2010

VanaFest 2010 has been announced for February 28th in Tokyo Japan!

VanaFest is a live stage event where attendees get to see developer panels, announcements of new content, concerts, and more! Those that attend also receive a special in game item for Final Fantasy XI that is only available from the Festival events.

The official website for the event hints that there will be some kind of information about Final Fantasy XIV present. However, it doesn’t go into any more detail than that. It could be a new release of information, announcement of the beta starting, or maybe something else. One thing looks certain though, Square Enix will now be using the Festivals to discuss both of their Final Fantasy Online titles.

Only those with a Japanese PlayOnline ID that has been active since December 2008 will be able to enter into the ticket lottery for this year. Tickets are not being sold, so those wishing to attend must meet the above requirement to have a shot at attending. 1,114 tickets will be available for this event. Quite a nice number don’t you think?

We’ll bring you more information from the FFXI Festival events as we get it! For more FFXI related information about the event click here.