11 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 185: Joe vs. The Dragon

  1. finalfishing.info / Kida’s database was exactly what I was hoping for, Thanks Miroku/Joe!

  2. Hey Fuse, would it be possible to get the “Category” icons as actual Desktop icons?

  3. I just have to say, to undermine SE’s warning about using third party tools because they may give you trojans because you’re “paying” them, seems incredibly naive to me. It may not be in their best interest to give you a trojan, but that doesn’t mean their website is any different from any of the other ffxi sites that have had trojans placed on them. Not to mention the person/persons who run those sites have nearly zero accountability towards you the payer. If they happen to get bored with what they’re doing, they could screw so many people in almost an instant. If they did happen to do something along those lines, holding them responsible legally would be even more difficult. Keep in mind it took Square-Enix, an entire company, this long to take action against them. That really applies to any downloadable program, remember this is the internet. Accountability rarely exists.

  4. Dayum. Isn’t that like the shortest PFA ep? What tha hizzle.

    Miroku, you’re like the worst white mage ever at Nidhogg. I mean not even bothering to haste the bard? Gawd! Next time I’m going to pull a darter and trick attack you, and watch as they link and swarm upon you. And then vote no on your trial app.

  5. It’s not bullshit. Third-party Apps ___CAN___ have trojans in them. This does not mean that they DO, but they CAN.

  6. Keep in mind, SE’s wording is that third-party apps MAY have trojans/virii in them.

    They CAN, and therefore they MIGHT. That doesn’t mean they DO, but they MAY.

    And with many of these third-party apps, they’re being coded for and marketed and sold to the same sort of person that buys gil and accounts (read: unethical). They’re made for the sole purpose of giving some players an unfair advantage over other players. Thus, these programs are that much more likely to have malware contained within them.

    (Windower does not seem so unethical to me, as its purpose is not to provide an unfair advantage but rather to enhance one’s own experience within the game.)

  7. Listening to this as i unsubscribe WoW and go back to FFXI. Great episode by the way guys, listening to you guys kept my withdrawal symptoms away.

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