Update on New Images

Another day another tidbit of news.  I could get used to this…

First off, as we showed yesterday, there were a number of  new images leaked, one of which looked to be some additional backstory.  Well, a trusty forum member Kayne has come through for the community and translated the story.

It was approximately 10 years ago,
a barbaric deity appeared in Eorzea, summoned by the barbaric tribe, which consists of mutated creatures.
The barbaric tribe gained lots of power and was becoming a ghastly power over the people of the city.

From the northeast, The Garlean Empire was on its way to the power.
Aldenard continent was on the tether of getting invaded.
The Garlean Empire, with its magnificent machinery and massive manpower,
conquered Ala Mihgo, one of the citystates.

In between those two strong forces, a traveler receives a mysterious power.

The power allowed the traveler to re-experience the past.
And this power is said to be able to change the world.
Who created this power?
Are we supposed to use this power?

Why was this power given to the traveler?

The traveler has to find the answer on his own.

I cleaned up a few things from Kayne’s original translation.  I assume that “The Militaristic Empire of Galemar” is what’s previously been referred to as The Garlean Empire – and made that change.  Also Alamigo is surely Ala Mihgo.   The “barbaric deity” being summoned would seem to align with the summoning image leaked from the EU site.  Finally we have references to time travel.  Square Enix has some experience with the concept of time travel from FFXI – so they are not starting from scratch with the concept.  Hard to tell from this whether time travel is a game-play element or simply part of the lore/back story.  I’d tend towards game-play element based on the final line, but time will tell (pun most certainly intended).


Next up we have an additional image showing off the various skin tones, located by another forum member, Gulkeeva.   Note that some glare seems to have affected the skin tones on the two models on the right, but overall we can see a very wide range of skin tones available, which bodes well for the various customizable elements in the character creation process.Leaked Image showing skin tones

EDIT: almost forgot these two images that were leaked as well.  A Miquo’te with arms raised and a Lalafell and Roegadyn dealing with some rather large crabs.  Enjoy!

JPscan8 JPscan9