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Official Website Update

23 Dec 2009

Eorzea MapThe official Final Fantasy XIV website has just been updated with details about character creation as well as the official story that has recently been released. Many new images have also been added to the Media section of the website including what appear to be shots relating to city-states as well as our first glimpse of a map of Eorzea.

Character Creation

One of the first things mentioned is that Final Fantasy XIV will feature a simple and comprehensive character creation system. It also tells us that players will be able to choose a clan along with their race confirming earlier ideas that players selecting a Roegadyn could also be part of the Hellsguard or a Miqo’te could be one of the Seekers of the Sun.

A variety of face types and hair styles are available. Once those are chosen, detailed adjustments can be made to the hair, skin, mouth, nose, eye color and eye shape. Scars and tattoos will also be an option for those creating their characters.

A Realm Divided

We are now told that those beastmen seen earlier are known as beast tribes. Our large Ifrit like dragon friend is one of the primals, creatures summoned forth by the beast tribes who gave them power. It is ten years after this when the Garlean Empire destroys the city-state of Ala Mhigo. Now, a power known as the Echo, causes the souls of those touched by it to resonate with others. This gives a person the ability to relive their past experiences and to feel and see them as one’s own.

Head over to the official Final Fantasy XIV website to check out all the new information!