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New Details on FFXIV Storyline Revealed!

23 Dec 2009


More information has come out regarding the upcoming Famitsu article.  Andriasang has posted both a quasi-translation of the article, which includes an interview with planner Yaeko Sato.  According to the article, Sato “is in charge of FFXIV’s main story.”  That main story is the “first story that players learn of when arriving in the world of FFXIV,” and plays out “along with a number of sub stories.”   Here are some choice quotes highlighting some of the new information revealed by andriasang.

  • “FFXIV’s main story prologue begins 10 years in the past. Powerful gods, known in Japanese as “Banshin,” have appeared in Eorzea, summoned by people known as “Banzoku,” or “savages,” who used the gods’ power to strike fear in the people.   Meanwhile, to the northeast, the militaristic Garlean Empire has been expanding its reach, using its mechanical technology and overwhelming strength of arms in an attempt to rule the continent.  In Eorzea, now faced with these two threats, adventurers (that’s you!) have a mysterious power which lets them experience past events. It is believed that this power can change the world.”
  • “The term Banzoku is actually used to describe a variety of different tribes, which differ in values. One group, for instance, values unrestrained freedom. The various tribes have different ways of thinking, living, and different reasons for fighting, and their numbers differ.” (NB: likened to “Beastmen” in FFXI)
  • “Sato wouldn’t get into details on the Banshin, saying that players will have to find out on their own. She would only say this: around 10 years back, a force of clearly different power and form, appeared amongst the Banzoku. She also let slip that most of the Banzoku have their own Banshin protector god.”
  • “Now for that mysterious power mentioned in the prologue. Said Sato, the power allows adventurers to view and experience events of the past, letting them see the pasts that people attempt to hide. She notes, however, that the power does not allow them to change the future — just participate in the past.”
  • “Regarding the northeastern Garlean Empire, Sato described this as a third force that exists alongside the adventurers/players and the Banzoku. It’s a state that has reached a high level of technology. Because of its distant location, its rough terrain, and its structure as an empire, it’s a country to which the the general Eorzean has no ties.”
  • “One of the common occurrences in Final Fantasy games are crystals. In FFXI, crystals appeared, in part, as eight elementals which could be used as a source of energy. In FFXIV, Sato revealed, crystals will appear as part of an idea known as the “Banbutsu no Kagayaki.” They will be a required element for livelihood, and will also give players power. Sato’s response to Famitsu’s question about Crystals was pretty vague, so this is presumably something that Square Enix will detail in full in a future update.”

Read the full article on the andriasang site.