Analysis of New Character Creation Images

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or asleep) for the past 8 hours,  you know that there are some new leaked images out there showing the FFXIV character creation.   So here they are:

But anyone can just upload images – let’s dig at least a little deeper shall we?

So in the first image we see… a Lalafell with…  wait for it… 5 fingers!  Ok… not news.  Actually I think the ears are a bit smaller than we’ve previously seen.  But let’s move on.

Uldah Concept Art
Ul'dah Concept Art

Second image we have some storyline elements.  We could wait for a translation but what fun would that be.  All of the  images look like they are from Ul’dah and it’s surrounding desert/mountain area.  So even if the text is about something different (and for the record the “title” at the top of the image does not seem to be the same word as Ul’dah on the Japanese website, we can still see a bit more scenery.

Now we get to the character creation scans.  Third image shows Hyur female in their skivvies.  The obvious thing we’re seeing here is skin-tone – and what looks to be a wide range at that.   We don’t know yet whether this is on a slider or there are fixed options, but given the marketplace one would think a slider, which would mean near infinite variations (once we look at all the other customizable options).

The fourth image shows a number of additional customizations – seemingly (here) eyes,  bust size (NB: this might not be the case – and instead that section of the image is showing clothing color), hair color and clothing color.  If we are getting sliders for skin-tone then these aren’t necessarily surprising.  But confirmation from Square Enix is always nice.

Fifth image (note that this is the same page as image one) shows more customizations via the Roegadyn.   Here we see at least five different hair styles (and facial hair), but better yet, scars and bandages.  Now the question becomes can we add scars and bandages to a female Hyur?  I certainly hope so – but time will tell.  The FFXI customization has select faces with tattoos, for example, but of course you could not add elements to other faces.  This is almost sure to change – allowing for the customization that is standard in the industry now, and was much needed in FFXI.

Finally we come to the last image showing… something.  Is it the large battleships we saw before in the trailer?  Is it a monster?  It is a monster attacking a large battleship?  I admit that this one stumps me.

This, along with the leaked images from the EU site, seems to support the speculation that a site update is coming.  And from the looks of it we might be in store for a massive one with more lore, more background, and character creation information.  We’ll keep our ears to the ground and see what develops.