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Facts Gleaned From FFXIV Support Center

17 Dec 2009

SupportThe Square Enix Support Center was updated to coincide with the beta application process.  While the default page shows only a few Q&A’s, there are more under the hood – and a a few tidbits worth mentioning:

Q.  What do I have to be aware of when I participate in the Beta Test?
A.  Currently, we are not planning to transfer test data, such as character data, to the final release version.

Q.  Is there an open Beta Test
A.  The schedule has not been finalized, but we are planning to have an open Beta Test.

Q.  Is the Beta Test software obtained via download only
A.  The distribution method of the client has not been decided.

Q.  Do the Windows and PlayStation®3 Beta Tests start at the same time?
A.  The “FINAL FANTASY XIV” PlayStation®3 Beta Test starts after Windows Beta Test.

Q.  Does the launch of the PlayStation®3 version of the Beta Test also vary by region?
A.  Although the entry period varies, the PlayStation®3 version of the Beta Test is scheduled to start at the same time for all regions.

Q.  Regarding the requirement: “Be able to download large amounts of data.” What type of connection do I need?
A.  Regardless of the connection type, you need to be able to download data that’s size is between a few gigabytes to a few dozen gigabytes without a problem.