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Update on the Campaign Code (Part III)

15 Dec 2009

So first the rumor was that there was a code in the FFXIII box that contained a FFXIV beta code.

Then came the clarification (from Square Enix) that the code was for a FFXIV in-game item only.

Finally, came the clarification that the code was, for now, for Japan only.

So can there really be more to it than this?  Or are we all just so desperate for any shred of news that we’ll pretend that SE didn’t already clarify this?  Or is SE changing course?  Well time will tell, but is reporting that the code that comes with FFXIII can be used to enter a drawing for special beta access.

What’s that old saying?  Trick me one shame on you.  Trick me twice shame on me.  I’ll believe this one when it’s official, but we’ll continue to report on the developments nonetheless.